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Paper Things

Paper Things Cover

ISBN: 0763663239

When forced to choose between staying with her guardian and being with her big brother, Ari chose her big brother. There’s just one problem—Gage doesn’t actually have a place to live.

When Ari’s mother died four years ago, she had two final wishes: that Ari and her older brother, Gage, would stay together always, and that Ari would go to Carter, the middle school for gifted students. So when nineteen-year-old Gage decides he can no longer live with their bossy guardian, Janna, Ari knows she has to go with him. Continue Reading →

Small As an Elephant


Hardcover, Paper and Audio
ISBN: 978-0763641559

Ever since Jack can remember, his mom has been unpredictable, sometimes loving and fun, other times caught in a whirlwind of energy and ”spinning” wildly until it’s over. But Jack never thought his mom would take off during the night and leave him at a campground in Acadia National Park, with no way to reach her and barely enough money for food. Continue Reading →

Winnie Dancing on Her Own


Illustrated by Alissa Imre Geis
ISBN # 0618132872

For the first time since they were five, the girls didn’t know how to be with one another. It was as if Winnie had said “I don’t want to be in the club anymore.”

Threesomes are hard, everyone says, but since kindergarten, Vanessa, Winnie, Zoe — the End-of-the-Alphabet Club — have done everything together: sleepovers, trips to the library, games at recess. Yet now, as the world of ballet enters their lives, Winnie fears she will lose her two best friends. Continue Reading →

Truly Winnie


Illustrated by Alissa Imre Geis

It’s off to camp for Winnie: sunny days of rock climbing, cascading down slippery falls, floating in a cool lake—and meeting a fascinating new friend. Winnie can’t remember ever having more fun.

But in the midst of the excitement, Winnie discovers how complicated life can get too as she watches one fib tumble mysteriously and rapidly to the next not-so-little lie. Continue Reading →

Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle


Illustrated by Abby Carter
Beginning Reader from Candlewick (2005)

Andy Shane doesn’t like school. In particular, he doesn’t like Delores Starbuckle, the class know-it-all. Thankfully, Andy has a very wise and understanding grandmother, Granny Webb, who helps Andy find what he needs to teach Delores a lesson! Continue Reading →

Andy Shane and the Pumpkin Trick


Illustrated by Abby Carter

Andy Shane does not want to go to Dolores Starbuckle’s birthday party. It’s on the same day as Halloween! Plus, Dolores is always ordering Andy around, making Andy lists on a clipboard, or squealing over Andy’s marble collection. Continue Reading →

Winnie at Her Best


Illustrated by Alissa Imre Geis
ISBN: 0618472770

“Zoe’s the smartest,” said Vanessa, “I’m the best actress, and you, Winifred Fletcher . . .” she said, turning to Winnie. “You are the best- ” Winnie waited to hear what Vanessa would say. It seemed as if Vanessa had to check every cupboard in her brain to find an answer. Continue Reading →

Andy Shane and the Queen of Egypt


Illustrated by Abby Carter
Candlewick Press

The school Culture Fair is coming up, and Andy Shane has to pick an African country to learn about. Deciding isn’t easy for Andy, so he’s glad when Granny Webb gives him a scarab beetle, which he knows is a symbol of Egypt. But when Andy tries to tell Ms. Janice, Dolores Starbuckle springs up with her gold jewelry and glitter sandals and claims that she is the queen of Egypt. Continue Reading →

Andy Shane is Not in Love


Illustrated by Abby Carter
ISBN-10: 0763632120

On the day Ms. Janice introduces Lark Alice Bell to the class, Dolores is proud to be the new girl’s helper at recess. But Dolores is not so glad to see her friend Andy scribbling LAB inside a heart in his notebook, and she’s downright mad to find out that Lark has visited Andy at home. Continue Reading →

Andy Shane and the Barn Sale Mystery


Illustrated by Abby Carter
Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0763635995

  • Junior Library Guild Selection
  • University of Iowa’s 2009 Books for Preschool -Primary
  • Nominated for the Cochecho Readers’ Award

It’s Andy Shane and Granny Webb’s UNbirthday, and Andy has thought of just the right gift for Granny Webb: a case to hold her beloved binoculars. The only problem is that Andy has no money. But with the help of his friend Dolores Starbuckle, he comes up with the perfect plan — a barn sale! Continue Reading →

Andy Shane, Hero At Last


Illustrated by Abby Carter
Candlewick Press
ISBN: 978-0763636005

There are two things Andy Shane wants more than anything — to win the contest for best-decorated bike in the parade, and . . . to be a hero. He has a great idea for the bike part, although high-strung Dolores is upping the ante with her paper-daisy-covered helmets for her and her cat. Continue Reading →

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