Keynote Speeches

“How Many Sentences Does It Need to Be?”  Motivating All Your Writers

Every now and then you hear writers claim that writing can’t be taught.  This protest says more about the writers’ ability to teach, award-winning author Jennifer Jacobson believes, than the nature of writing. All of us strive to communicate — possess a desire to be heard.  When students are provided with time, choice, postitive feedback, and authentic audience, they begin to care about the end result.  Engaged writers become better writers (and we become better teachers).  This keynote challenges long-held beliefs and provides the tools that will make a difference to any writing program. (60 minutes)

The Power of Storytelling: One Author’s Journey

The author of more than a dozen children’s books, Jennifer will share her path from teacher and school administrator to writer, emphasizing the power of literacy and storytelling along the way. (45-60 minutes)