“Thank you for what you have brought to my staff this week: the gift of renewed enthusiasm and love for teaching. So many teachers have come up to me and told me this is the best workshop they have ever participated in. I agree.”
— Paul Nigro, Principal

“We were energized and completely changed by your presentation. I feel as if I have been “freed from the ball and chain” of trying to teach writing and let my children/students become writers. Thank you! Your insights were motivating and powerful.”
— Mary Outinen, Second Grade Teacher

“You have no idea how much we loved having you visit our school. You have single-handedly excited our staff and motivated us to teach children in such a positive way. I learned more from you in three days than all our other workshops put together! You have also given our students some thoughts about writing that will last a lifetime.”
— Lauren Richardson, First Grade teacher

“Attended your writing workshop today and wanted to tell you it was fantastic!!! I left with so many ideas to use in the classroom and share with others. Thanks for being a great presenter and advocate of the importance of literature and writing in the classroom and across the curriculum!!!”
— Sally Ueberroth, Fourth Grade Teacher

“We loved your presentation last evening. Your whole talk was like a story being told, close to us and far, up on your toes, crouching down, loud and soft… The kids (and we big kids too) were attentive and happy listeners. You are a gifted and creative presenter.”
— Pam Osborn, Maine Public Librarian

“Almost every teacher has taken the time to let me know how much they and their students enjoyed your programs. Even some of the children have stopped me to say thanks! Not only was it a wonderful experience for the children, but also one of the best professional development days our teachers have had!”
— Dawn Broderick, Reading Specialist

“Because Jennifer is a published author, she was able to thoroughly explain and give examples of how to conduct successful writing mini-lessons. I’ve limited my students in the past because of my inadequacies. I’m now confident about teaching writing through mini-lessons.”
— Texas 3rd grade teacher

“I absolutely loved your workshop in Omaha, in July. In fact, you have completely changed my life . . .I was so tired of teaching the 6-traits and handing out worksheets about the 4 kinds of sentences. After I completed your workshop, I printed all your newsletters for the year, ordered mentoring texts, and studied my notes from the conference. We have been in school now for 3 weeks and I honestly can’t wait to teach writing every day. My kids are achieving so much more than I could have ever asked for and their 4th grade teachers are shocked. They can’t wait to get their binoculars out and start another adventure. You have truly saved me from a life of boredom in teaching writing. I also incorporated all the grammar skills into their writing–no more worksheets for me. Of course, I am having all my 5th grade students publish their work in my class newsletter for parents to enjoy. The only part of your Workshop I forgot was having a child help me teach a mini-lesson, and I will start that tomorrow. Thank you so much for your ideas and newsletters. I am your number one fan in Omaha.”
— Lisa Kessler, Fifth grade teacher

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