Manuscript Critiques

Critiquing and Coaching Services

Are you interested in a manuscript critique? Wonderful! Seeking specific feedback and support from a trained writing coach is one of the best ways to expedite the learning process from idea to publication.

My response to manuscripts draws upon extensive experience as a writer of award-winning books, a teacher of writing, and a writing consultant/editor for many organizations. Here are just some of the critique experiences that have reinforced my love for helping writers to understand their strengths and their needs, and to determine next steps:

  • First reader for editor Melanie Kroupa (then at Orchard books)
  • Editor of the Seal Island series for Macmillan books
  • Instructor for Writing Novels for Young People at Vermont College
  • Instructor for Whole Novel Workshop at Highlights Foundation
  • Instructor at Whispering Pines (SCBWI New England)

What you can expect

I will read your story twice. The first time, I’ll read from that place in me that’s still a child.  I will fling myself into the story wholeheartedly and enjoy the ride. The second time, I will read to ensure that your intentions meet execution.   I will analyze your character development, plot, tension, and voice. (View checklist here.)

My written response (typically around five pages for a full novel, two pages for a partial – as well as marginal notes within the manuscript) will pinpoint specific areas for revision, and provide concrete suggestions. My recommendations are intended to not only serve the novel at hand, but all of your future work as well. (Think of the critique as a mini-course designed just for you.) You can read a sample critique here.


Whole Novel Critique: $1,000 for the first 65,000 words, $200.00 for every 5,000 words after.

Partial Critique: $350 for a full synopsis and first twenty pages (double spaced with margins).

Mentorship: I am happy to work with you as you write. $350 for each submission of up to 20,000 words.

If interested in a critique, please contact me.

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