School & Library Visits

Programs for Children

Here is a sampling of my programs. I can always be flexible to your library or classroom needs.

Did That Really Happen To You?

(PreSchool – 3rd Grade)

Through lively storytelling, using visuals and props, I will show young children how an author’s life experiences sneak their way into the writing of fiction. (25 – 45 minutes)

How Characters Are Revealed

(Grades 2 – 4)

How does an author show us what a character is like? How do we come to love and care about some characters and despise others? In this interactive workshop, I will present techniques I used when writing The Andy Shane and Winnie series to help readers come to know my characters. The presentation of these strategies will not only help students to become better writers, but will improve their reading comprehension as well. (45 minutes)

Seeing Through An Author’s Eyes

(Grades 3-8)

Quality details (those that go beyond the obvious or general) transform writing. In this workshop, I take students on a virtual road trip — the same journey Jack took in Small As An Elephant — and demonstrates how choosing the right details, and taking the time to expand moments, adds richness to the storytelling and character development.   The sharing of many “before” and “after” scenes will also reinforce the power and value of revision.

What Makes A Good Story?

(Grades 4 – 12)

In this workshop I share what I’ve discovered as a writer of fiction. We discuss plot structure (including successful beginnings and endings), foreshadowing, voice, and characterization. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of revision. (45 minutes – 1 hour)


I can do up to 4 presentations during a school day and enjoy combined classes, but I suggest that you limit the number of children for a session to 60.  (It is best if I can be set up in one location — ideally the library– and students come to me.)

My requirements for school visits are: (1) Students read (or have read to them) at least one of my books before I visit the school. (2) Students take home a book order form so that they have the opportunity to order a personally autographed book. Students are not required to buy my books, but I do ask that the school sends home an order form with each student.

You may wish to combine an author visit with a professional inservice for teachers or an evening with parents.


Author Presentations for Students:

  • $1,200 per school day in Maine and in NH (plus travel expenses beyond 50 miles)
  • $2,000 per school day out of state (plus travel expenses)
  • $350 single one hour public library or evening program (plus travel expenses beyond 50 miles)
  • Free Q&A visit via Skype (20 minutes), $100 Q&A visit via Skype (45 minutes) (Students must be familiar with my work.)

Teacher Inservice or Conference Speaking

  • $3,300 per day conference speaking or inservice training  (includes all travel expenses: airfare, hotel, transporation and meals)
  • $350 virtual visit via Skype (75 minutes).  May only be arranged as a follow-up to an onsite inservice training.

A keynote speech may be combined with two breakout sessions.

You may wish to combine an author visit with an inservice session for teachers or an evening with parents.
Please contact me directly to arrange a school visit, inservice, or author residency.

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